Holding a corporate retreat in Bali

Planning a corporate getaway?

Many delegates associate corporate conferences and functions with long days, barely passable food and seriously bland venues. But why does it have to be that way?

The short answer: it doesn’t!

Why choose Bali for your corporate retreat

Bali is renowned for its beautiful beaches, relaxed culture and friendly vibes. But did you know it’s also a fantastic location to hold a corporate retreat or conference?

There are a million reasons why Bali is the perfect venue for your corporate event, but with limited time (and space in this article), let’s roll with the top three.

Happy attendees

If you were given the option of heading into the city for a corporate event or scoring a trip to Bali, which one would you choose? Bali is a massive drawcard for many people and holding your event here is likely to boost attendee satisfaction massively.

Unforgettable experiences

As with any event, you want your guests to have a truly unforgettable time. While you could easily go out and hire the conference centre down the road. Treat them, they deserve it!

Promoting “bleisure” travel

“Bleisure” travel (business + leisure) has also emerged as one of the most popular ways to see the world. Holding your corporate retreat in Bali allows your guests to attend business events and functions you have on offer whilst also experiencing the diverse culture and inspiring scenery that makes up Bali.

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Why choose Hotel Komune for your corporate retreat?

Have we piqued your interest yet? Fabulous! Now the next question is, where in Bali should you host your guests?

We (of course) recommend Hotel Komune and here’s why:

All-inclusive corporate venue

Many corporate venues are just that – a venue. However, a corporate retreat in Bali can be so much more than auditoriums and snack tables.

At Hotel Komune, we can offer a whole range of inclusive facilities for your guests to enjoy on your corporate getaway. As part of your conference or retreat at Hotel Komune, you’ll gain access to a range of luxury accommodation, complete staff service, three beautiful eateries and some really unique corporate facilities.

Outstanding corporate facilities

Yes, we may be best known for our health and wellness retreats, but did you know that Hotel Komune has a dedicated conference room?

Fully equipped with a TV, whiteboard, aircon, tables, workbooks and anything else you might need, our corporate facilities allow you to offer a truly productive guest experience while enjoying a picturesque paradise setting.

We also have a magnificent jungle shala that can be transformed into a media centre, delegate conference space and basically anything else you need it to be. Holding up to 150 delegates, the space is 450m² and can be divided into two equal spaces with full AC and AV/projector available. Featuring some incredible views, the jungle shala is the perfect place to hold a corporate retreat with a difference.

Combine activities with your retreat

If you’re on the hunt for a venue that can accommodate both business and fun, Hotel Komune has got it all.

Boasting pristine swimming pools, a gorgeous beachside location, world-class health facilities and 5 daily yoga and fitness classes to choose from, hosting your retreat at Komune means you’ll never have to travel far to pump it up or wind it down after day of corporate activities.

We can also arrange day trips and adventures, from climbing a volcano to visiting local markets and secret beaches.

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Ready to start planning your unforgettable corporate retreat on the incomparable Keramas coast?

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