Cleaning up plastic pollution in Keramas

Hotel Bali eco-friendly resort

Hotel Komune is dedicated to preserving the beautiful natural environment that surrounds the resort.

We also believe it takes a village to solve the problem of plastic pollution among our community.

In order to reduce the impact we have on our surroundings, we’ve committed to participating in a range of environmentally friendly and sustainable practices within our local community.

Helping to clean up our village

Cleaning up the villag ein Bali

In collaboration with Village Chief Sudar and the Keramas Waste Management Team, Komune Hotel has been successfully removing waste via a plastic filter placed at the river mouth near our resort.

Not only has this seen a reduction in waste entering the ocean via our waterways but has educated the local community on the importance of proper waste disposal.

In addition to this eco-friendly initiative, Komune Hotel co-owner, Tony Cannon, kindly donated a motorcycle garbage truck to the village, helping villagers to remove waste from the streets and gangs around our community.

Hotel Komune has also partnered with Parley, a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting our oceans. In this collaboration, we aim to assist villagers to collect and recycle plastic waste with a local sustainable recycling centre and plastic bank.

We’re so grateful to have the assistance of Village Chief Sudar, the Keramas Waste Management Team and Parley to help us work towards a cleaner Keramas.

You can watch this video to learn more.

Our eco-friendly hotel practices

As well as the work we do in the surrounding community, we also promote many internal sustainability initiatives. Some of these include:

No single use plastic

At Hotel Komune, we’re strictly against single-use plastic.

One of the ways we’ve implemented this initiative throughout our community is to remove all plastic bottles from our resort.

Instead, staff prepare bottled drinking water using reusable glass bottles and supply reusable straws. We also recycle glass bottles into drinking glasses for our guests.

Reducing plastic packaging

Many hotels use plastic bags for linen deliveries after laundering which leads to copious amounts of plastic waste every day.

To ensure we’re able to stick to our commitment of no single-use plastic, we’ve supplied our laundry partners with eco-friendly bags that can be washed and reused.

Locally grown produce

To reduce the distance from paddock to plate, we have our own garden where we grow organic food to be served in our restaurants. You can find fruits and veggies including bananas, eggplant, chillies, passionfruit and beans being grown.

This also helps us to reduce food waste, as we only ever pick what is needed.

For other items we can’t produce on-site, we work with local producers to source the freshest and most sustainable options.

Waste management

Waste management in Bali

Consistent with our  mission of reducing our carbon footprint is a complete recycling regime. Once everything that can be recycled is collected on-site, we then send it off to a certified waste processing plant to be treated and recycled.

During this process, we also spend time clearing any waste that may have found its way into the Keramas river.

In addition to rubbish collection, we also have a strict wastewater policy to protect our local waterways. Through using our own wastewater management bio-systems, we are able to ensure no water pollution runs off from the hotel.

As an extra precaution, we also pump this water into dedicated evaporation ponds.

You can also help! To do your part, read our helpful article on “How to be a responsible tourist on your next trip to Bali“.

We’ve taken every care to ensure that our resort supports, rather than harms, our natural environment.