How to be a responsible tourist on your next trip to Bali

kid on a swing in Bali

In 2018, 8.3 million people visited Bali, almost double the island’s estimated 4.3 million population.

With so many people visiting, it’s no surprise that Bali’s resources would be under strain!

Your actions make a difference, and it’s easy to reduce your footprint on our special island.

When travelling to Bali there are several steps you can take to make both your travel and stay more eco-conscious.

Travelling to and around Bali

Let’s be honest – air travel isn’t very eco-friendly. But there are ways to minimise your impact.

  1. Choose environmentally responsible airlines. Airlines like Virgin, Qantas and Cathay Pacific (which all fly to Bali’s international airport) are taking steps to reduce their impact by upgrading to more fuel-efficient craft, serving environmentally friendly meals and reducing packaging.
  2. Pay to offset your carbon footprint. Many airlines allow you to add a small fee to your fare to offset your flight.
  3. Once in Bali, travel slow. Instead of racing around the island, pick slower forms of transport like bicycling, walking and taking public transport.

Pack properly

It’s easy to pack a few things in your suitcase to make less of an impact in Bali. For example, bring your own reusable water bottle from home, allowing you to avoid buying plastic bottles in Bali.

You can also bring a foldable reusable shopping bag, limiting your plastic bag usage.

Extra credit for bringing your own reusable straws, cutlery and even Tupperware if you think you’ll be getting take away food.

Seek out responsible businesses

Once arrived in Bali, seek out environmentally responsible businesses. The Punch has a great round-up of responsible destinations and brands in Bali (including Komune!).

They have a full list of hotels, spas, shops and restaurants who are all doing their part to keep Bali clean and green.


Try to stay somewhere more responsible that gives back to both the environment and the community. It’s best to do your research and not be fooled by a name.

You can read about Komune’s environmental impact here. From solar panels to recycling water, to refillable shampoo bottles and avoiding plastics, we do everything in our power to protect our local environment.

Eating green

Green veggie bowl in bali

Whilst in Bali, it’s easy to eat healthily and low impact. Whether that means going vegan or veggie, or eating locally, both can make your trip more eco-friendly.

At Komune, we source our fruit and vegetables from our on site garden as well as local, sustainable farmers.Check out our Health Hub where we serve organic food.

Other eco-conscious spots include Balique in Jimbaran, The Loft in Uluwatu, Mamasan in Seminyak and many more.

Shop locally

food from local Bali market

Supporting local makers and artisans packs a double whammy. You get unique and gorgeous keepsakes and are supporting the local economy.

Check out Samadi Organic Sunday Market, Sanur Sunday Market, Kumbasari Market, and Canggu Makers Market at Berawa Kitchen to name a few spots to shop.

Environmentally friendly activities

There’s so much to do on Bali, including heaps of sustainability initiatives that you can join. These include joining a beach clean up and touring The Green School (a school on the outskirts of Ubud that focuses on sustainable practices and sustainable education, mixed in with a mainstream curriculum. The school does free afternoon tours).

Every bit counts and together we can make a more sustainable future.

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Want to know more? You can read about our own commitment to sustainability.