Hotel Komune: The Venue of Choice for Journey Retreats

At Hotel Komune, we take a holistic approach to fitness, offering a range of world-class gym facilities and serving up delicious, healthy meals that nourish both body and soul. No matter what kind of fitness retreat you have in mind, we’ve got the facilities and expertise to support you every step of the way.

But don’t just take our word for it; let’s hear from someone who knows firsthand! 

Naomi Kenny, Operations Manager from Journey Retreats, has had the pleasure of organising numerous fitness retreats at Hotel Komune. Her testimonial is a testament to our commitment to providing an environment that promotes health, wellness and personal growth.

Naomi Kenny | Operations Manager Journey Retreats

Journey Retreats have had the absolute pleasure of hosting a large number of fitness retreats at Hotel Komune. The team and the resort have exceeded our and our guest’s expectations every time. This resort truly knows how to cater to fitness enthusiasts and create an environment that promotes health, wellness, and personal growth.

The facilities at Hotel Komune are perfect to fit our needs. The resort has a well-equipped gym, yoga shala, recovery area, and outdoor workout areas. The variety and quality of the equipment are exactly what we need, catering to all types of fitness activities.

The accommodations provided at the resort were luxurious and comfortable. The rooms are beautifully designed, spacious, and impeccably clean. The beautiful garden surroundings of a resort room and amazing views over Keramas Beach from the beachfront suites add to the overall experience, creating a peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere in paradise.

One of the standout aspects of Hotel Komune was the exceptional food. The resort’s food and beverage team prepares delicious and healthy meals that cater to a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions with ease. Our retreat participants always enjoy the nutritious meals, which perfectly complement our fitness program.

In addition to the fitness facilities and healthy dining options, the resort offers a range of wellness services, including spa treatments, yoga classes, and ice baths. These additional activities allow our retreat attendees to unwind, relax, and deepen their understanding of overall well-being.

The resort’s location is ideal, nestled away from the busy areas of Bali, the resort has everything you need in it, making it simple and accessible to stay in. Our retreat participants have had the opportunity to explore nearby rice field hiking trails, beautiful beaches, enjoy canyoning and day trips to the nearby islands Nusa Lembongan and Penida. The combination of invigorating fitness routines and the beauty of the surroundings made the experience truly unforgettable.

What truly sets Hotel Komune apart is its staffs commitment to providing an incredible guest experience. The staff members are always so attentive, friendly, and ready to assist, ensuring that our guests feel welcomed and cared for throughout their stay. The event planning and organisational skills demonstrated by the staff at Hotel Komune from the initial consultation to the execution of the retreat, their team is attentive, professional, and detail-oriented. They work closely with us to understand our specific requirements and tailor the experience to meet our needs. Every aspect of the retreat is always flawlessly executed, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for both organisers and participants.

Hotel Komune is a paradise for fitness retreats. The facilities, accommodations, food, and staff are all exceptional. Whether you are planning a large fitness retreat or event, this resort will exceed your expectations in every way. I cannot recommend Hotel Komune enough. It truly is the perfect destination for hosting retreats.

At Hotel Komune, we understand that hosting a successful retreat requires the right environment and amenities. Our range of spaces is designed to cater to various fitness activities and wellness programs, ensuring you have everything you need to create an unforgettable experience for your guests. 

Whether your retreat is large or small, our in-house events team ensures you can focus on the fun side of playing host while we take care of everything else.

Ready to host your next fitness, wellness or yoga retreat with us? Enquire today!

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