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Hotel Komune is Bali’s premiere yoga, health and fitness retreat destination. Built around a lifestyle, our leading edge Health Hub is at the heart of holistic retreats for people who want more from their holiday.

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Hotel Komune has cleverly built spaces designed to bring out the best for your retreat experience, and make the most of our spectacular coastline.

Our pavilions and facilities have been purpose-built to support groups to host their own retreats, and we have a range of conference rooms and venues to comfortably accommodate your next corporate or team-building event.

Your retreat guests can enjoy the use of both the indoor and outdoor functional bodyweight workout areas, silks, Iyengar ropes, barre and our fully equipped gymnasium.

The village green and outdoor commons are often transformed into open-air fitness classes; gym junkies can get their fix right on the beach at our fully equipped muscle beach and workout zone; and of course, the world-famous Keramas surf break is right on our doorstep.

Our Health Hub includes three pavilions available for fitness, yoga and wellness groups:

  • The Ocean Shala (25 pax, 180m2) – a tranquil location overlooking the ocean, watch the sunrise over the water while taking a class
  • The Health Hub Pavilion (100 pax, 330m2) – excellent for group training and yoga classes. The pavilion has been structurally designed for flying yoga, is fitted with a perimeter barre, and is complete with AV and power.
  • The Jungle Shala (150 pax, 450m2) – excellent for group training and yoga classes. This shala has been structurally designed for multiple types of yoga, has yoga ropes installed, and is complete with air-conditioning, AV and power. The pavilion can be fully opened and naturally ventilated, or closed and air-conditioned for privacy and comfort.

We also have an air-conditioned, boardroom-style room that can accommodate 25 guests, and is perfect for more intimate group coaching sessions.

With 56 resort rooms, 10 suites, 38 beachfront pool suites and 2 villas, your retreat team can choose from a range of Bali beachfront accommodation options to suit every budget.

If you’re ready to experience the Hotel Komune retreat lifestyle, please click the retreat enquiry button below.

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Retreat Services Bali

Groups wishing to host their own retreat at Hotel Komune  have the option of bringing their own training staff to Bali or take advamtage of our  in house, fully qualified yoga, fitness and wellness instructors and classes can be incorprated into their retreat proramme.  Here is a bit about what we have to offer...


In the West, yoga has taken off as a ‘fitness trend’, often portrayed as a ‘workout’ for weight loss and looking good in expensive yoga pants. This superficial understanding of yoga denies the profound impact that incorporating a yoga practice into your life can have. Not just a ‘fitness trend’, yoga draws on a body of philosophy that stretches back at least 5000 years, with its origins in ancient Indian scripture and ideology. While it is true that practising the yoga asanas or postures will build strength and flexibility, the ultimate purpose of yoga is to deepen one’s understanding of self, creating harmony in the body, mind and spirit, and allowing one's ‘true’ self to shine through.

Hotel Komune offers a variety of yoga styles and traditions to suit all bodies, from beginners through to more experienced students. Please refer to your calendar for styles and times, and note that private yoga sessions are available and can be booked through the front desk. 


At Hotel Komune, we take a holistic approach to fitness, recognizing that being physically fit means more than just hitting the gym. Our fitness instructors work with their clients to come up with realistic goals, where exercise, diet and lifestyle habits are all factored into a program to achieve lasting results. With an individual focus, our trainers can provide targeted support for issues such as weight loss, reduction of disease risk factors like high blood pressure and blood sugar, mood stabilization, bone density, functional strength, injury and pain rehabilitation, stress reduction, sleep disturbance reduction, memory improvement and an overall increase in energy and positive outlook for life.

Along with customized nutrition guides, our trainers can help you increase your complete fitness levels, strengthening body and mind. We offer a variety of classes, catering to all fitness levels, with private training sessions available, and can be booked through the front desk.


‘The science of life’, Ayurvedic medicine is the world's oldest, a comprehensive health-care system still widely practised today. Originating in India, Ayurveda is said to be 5,000 years old, and unlike Western medicine, aims to treat the underlying causes of illness and disease, rather than just alleviating symptoms once they appear. During an Ayurvedic consultation, your unique constitution or ‘dosha’ will be identified and forms the basis of your individualized treatment plan to heal physical, emotional and mental imbalances.

Your Ayurvedic practitioner will collect a detailed personal history of your digestion, elimination, diet, exercise, sleep, lifestyle habits, physical features, relationships and occupation. This complete picture is then used along with physical information such as a pulse and tongue analysis, to create your personalized treatment plan. Through a combination of diet, herbs, lifestyle changes, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, purification, aromatherapy, sound, colour and massage therapy, your Ayurvedic practitioner will guide you towards your optimal state of wellbeing and balance.

So if your interested in bringing your fitness, yoga or wellness tribe please submit an event enquiry here.

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Thanks so much for hosting Acuity a week ago for our Stress Free Strategy Retreat. You, your staff and the resort keep on wowing me and my retreatants every year.

The rooms, the grounds, the facilities and the people make it a no brainer where to hold my retreats.

There is no other resort like it and i love you guys and am grateful for how you have worked with me to make my retreats a success.

Oscar Pellizzon

I wanted to personally thank you for my wonderful stay at Hotel Komune in Bali. What a beautiful, tranquil and friendly place you have built for guests, like me, to enjoy. 

A perfect location to 're-group' without the usual domestic demands and distractions! I was able to unwind, eat well, enjoy a yoga class and melt under a massage. The lap pool amongst the tropical setting was bliss and cocktails at the Beach Club were also a highlight!

Your staff are delightful, always ready with a greeting and a smile.  

The reason for my stay was I was a participant of Oscar Pellizzon's Acuity Group business coaching, held last month between the 21st and 26th. Hotel Komune provided great facilities for positive learning with a clear head! I'm grateful to Oscar for finding you!

Thanks so much.   :)

Linda Grant

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