Your Bali destination wedding itinerary: What’s possible at Hotel Komune

beachfront bali destination wedding ceremony

If you’re looking for a destination wedding that’s equal parts relaxed and romantic, we’ve got you covered. Discover what makes Bali the ultimate wedding destination and what a typical wedding week experience looks like at Hotel Komune, including a Bali destination wedding package itinerary from our in-house wedding planner.

What makes Bali the ultimate wedding destination

Bali is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world, and for good reason. With its gorgeous beaches, tropical climate, and stunning natural scenery, Bali offers the perfect backdrop for any wedding style. The island is also steeped in tradition and culture, making it a unique and memorable destination for your special day.

But that’s not all. Bali is also much more affordable than other tropical destinations, it’s only a short flight from its many neighbouring countries, and it offers an entire holiday experience that surpasses the average wedding day. 

To paint a more vivid picture of what a wedding week experience looks like at our natural luxury resort, our in-house wedding planner has put together this example Bali destination wedding itinerary. 

Example Bali wedding week package itinerary

A wedding should be anything but ordinary – it should be extraordinary. 

Offering flexibility and variety at your fingertips, we can help to plan your wedding week exactly how you’ve always imagined. Use the below as a rough guide to a typical wedding week with us, keeping in mind your wedding week can be anything you want it to be at Hotel Komune.  


 Group of people gather under palm trees, two people hug


Have all your loved ones come together for welcome cocktails and dinner in a relaxed and joyful setting against a stunning scenic backdrop.

couple in front of waterfall


Take a refreshing break from the sand and sun and explore some of our nearby waterfalls. Then, head to Ubud to pick up some unique Balinese souvenirs and any last-minute items for your big day. 

body oil being poured on back


Indulge in some downtime with a relaxing day by the pool and at our day spa. Some of our most popular treatments include our Balinese body scrub, massages, manicures, pedicures and deep-conditioning hair treatments. 

to be wed couple walk through rice fields


Enjoy a picturesque morning walk through the nearby rice fields. Then, take a short drive to a nearby white sand beach where you’ll enjoy the sunshine, crystal-clear waters and a delicious seafood BBQ lunch.

Big Chef leads Indonesian cooking class


Make a day of cultural experiences with a refreshingly peaceful and spiritual morning Tirta Empul Water Temple Blessing. Then, in the evening, our Head Chef will take you on a culinary adventure with an on-site Indonesian cooking class. 

Bali destination wedding couple walk down isle as guests throw confetti

Saturday – Wedding Day

Your wedding day is finally here! Take part in a rejuvenating private yoga and meditation session for the bridesmaids and an energising fitness class for the groomsmen. Feel refreshed and centred before an afternoon of rest and preparation before your ceremony and reception.

Cocktail and Mie Goreng on Beach Club bed with pool in background


After the excitement of the wedding day, take a much-deserved day of rest and relaxation by the pool. Enjoy a delicious brunch and sip on tropical cocktails while lounging on the day beds, reliving the many memories you’ve made. 

Celebrate the vibrancy and excitement of island life with a bespoke Bali wedding experience. How you wish to celebrate your Bali destination wedding at Hotel Komune is entirely up to you. Get in touch to learn more about how we can tailor the perfect wedding week for you and your guests.