5 Reasons to go travelling with kids

When it comes to travelling with kids, the benefits are endless. From experiencing new cultures and new climates, to trying new cuisines and meeting new people, there are so many valuable life lessons to be learned overseas – for you and the little ones. 

Let’s look at 5 key reasons to go travelling with your kids.

Benefits of travelling with family

1. Shows them the world we live in

Travelling to new places helps to open young minds and gives children a broader understanding of the world around them. By introducing them to new surroundings and immersing them in new cultures filled with wonderful people and ways of being, you’re giving them a completely new life experience – one that will never be properly taught in any classroom. It truly is an education even the youngest kids will benefit from. 


2. Teaches new responsibilities

It goes without saying that travelling to new places requires a lot of responsibility. You need to be on time with all of your gear, navigate new places, and work through language barriers, among many other skills and responsibilities that both parents and children need to travel.

A good way to instil important life lessons is giving your kids extra responsibilities, like packing their own suitcases, navigating a map and learning phrases in a different language. Sharing these responsibilities with your kids is a great way to teach them valuable life lessons, like time management, organisation, decision-making, accountability, patience, navigation, and self-awareness, all while soaking up the incredible cultures and languages around them.


3. Spend more quality time together

One of the key benefits of travelling with family is breaking away from routine and feeling a sense of freedom. A relaxing overseas trip gives you the opportunity to slow down, communicate better, make decisions together and explore exciting new experiences. This ultimately brings you closer as a family and strengthens family ties by sharing in the joy and excitement of exploration.

But this doesn’t mean you must spend every second of every day together. We all know that to spend good quality time together, you need to look after yourself, too. That’s why it’s best to look for a family-friendly resort that offers the perfect balance between family time and free time without the kids.  


4. Gives them a real-world education

By giving your children the opportunity to experience learning through travel, their educational understanding becomes tangible and helps them better understand cultural differences.

Applying what they’re learned in a classroom, in an even more meaningful context, is a major benefit of travelling at a young age and can help them to think bigger and achieve better academic results.


5. Allows them to make new friends

Going to school is certainly beneficial for your child’s development and forming relationships with peers, but travelling with kids provides a variety of social interactions that can’t be experienced in the classroom.

As a family, you’re bound to meet interesting tour guides, fellow adventurers and locals – all offering unique stories that will expand your child’s perspective and understanding.


Have you thought about travelling to Bali with the kids?

By taking your kids out of their comfort bubbles at a young age, they’ll grow up knowing more about the world around them, and so will you! Finding a safe place like Bali to travel with kids is a great way to spark a passion for travel at a young age. 

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When it comes to travelling with kids, the benefits really are endless. We could go on listing them, but we’re pretty sure you don’t need any further convincing. 

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