What to do during your health retreat in Bali

Bali: the land of health, sun, finding yourself, and tranquillity. From immersive beachside yoga to nourishing whole foods to sunsets that take your breath away, let’s dive into Bali’s bliss. 

Spirituality and Yoga

One of the very necessary inclusions of a good health retreat is yoga. Luckily, you’ll find it everywhere in Bali, as it is central to the Balinese culture. 

The religious origins of yoga lay in Hinduism and Buddhism, often practised to find spiritual and physical peace. Today, many yogis practice yoga as a means of developing a sense of physical wellbeing and good health. 

Though Indonesia is largely a Muslim-practicing country, most Bali’s population practices Hinduism and devotes themselves to yoga. Ubud is where you’ll find the epicentre of the practice. 

There are countless yoga and meditation retreats and yoga studios because of the importance of yoga and meditation in the Balinese culture. Some of our favourites are Yoga Barn yoga classes and retreats in Ubud, The Practice studio in Canggu, and of course, our own yoga retreats here at Komune Hotel Bali in Keramas.

Sign yourself up for a bit of movement, self-discovery, and calm. 

Food and Dining

Bali is the ultimate destination for a variety of health-conscious meals. 

Many people will come to Bali to detox from day to day, which is very achievable with the multitude of restaurants, cafes, and cold press juice bars in the country. 

The food is, more often than not, organic, fresh, and sourced locally – perfect for recharging and restarting your system! Plus, everywhere you go, you’re bound to find plenty of plant-based options available.

We’re loving the juices and juice cleanses at In the Raw in Canggu and all things The Seeds of Life Café in Ubud (they also host an amazing Raw Food Certification that you can take part in). Not to brag, but we’re also drooling over our extensive new plant-based selections at our healthy dining venues.

Health Practices 

The wealth of health practices is unimaginable in Bali – you can completely curate your health journey and make it as intricate and packed as you want. We recommend a prescription of the following: 


While it’s important to be active during your health retreat in Bali, it’s equally as important to rest and relax. Release muscular tension and soreness, improve circulation and enter a state of relaxation with massage therapy. 

Head to our Hotel Komune Bali Day Spa and ask for one of our talented therapists for a personalised consultation and massage.

Vitamin IVs

Amazing for when you’re feeling dehydrated, under the weather, or simply wanting to treat yourself to a glow. This practice is so evolved in Bali that you don’t have to leave your villa or hotel room, all you’ve got to do is call on them and replenish all the vitamins and minerals you need. 

Check out The Dose Bali for a dose of health on your holiday. 

Sound Healing

Ready to be lulled into healing? Sound healing is said to bring your body into a ‘theta-wave’ state – the ultimate form of meditation. The understanding is that by being in this state, your body can realign its own energies, ultimately healing and rejuvenating your spiritual, mental, and physical self. 

If you’re interested in healing all levels of your health, make sure to pencil in time for a traditional sound healing session. 

Our favourite spots: Radiantly Alive and Pyramids of Chi.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda medicine is an old Indian modality of medicine that looks to bring harmony and fluidity to the body, mind, and soul. The thought behind this practice is that it will prolong your life and keep you safe from all diseases. The practice is based on three bio-energies or doshas – Vata (space and air), Pitta (fire and a little water) and Kapha (water and earth). 

The idea is that you’re able to understand your bio-energies through in-depth consultation and treat your body accordingly: herbal treatments, adjusting your diet, yoga, meditation, and detoxing. Many Ayurveda centres in Bali will prescribe treatments that last anywhere from a week to a month. 

We love these centres: OneWorld Ayurveda and Sukhavati Bali

Planning your own health retreat is empowering, exciting, and healing. Whatever you choose to include in your health retreat in Bali will be unforgettable, transformational, and will be the ultimate recharge. 

Interested in a totally curated health and wellness retreat in Bali? Check out our Komune Hotel Health Hub and Inclusions – perfect for your upcoming health retreat in Bali

Here’s to your wellness!