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The Surfers Warung

We like to stay true to our roots, and that means preserving the local Bali surfing culture. What’s better than hanging out in beach Warungs pre and post surf for snacks, drinks and banter.  

Our Surfers Warung is the original Warung that was at Keramas before our resort. And it’s still staffed by the original Warung owners who first opened in 2002 - the famous Ida Boys. 

The Warung specialises in traditional Balinese food and Warung specialities such as Nasi Goreng, banana pancakes, Bali coffee, cheese jaffles and beng-beng bars. All at traditional Warung prices - winning. 

During the day, the Warung is buzzing with surfers, photographers and their friends from all over the world, enjoying the view of Keramas and the surf break. 

After dark, we turn the Warung into a Rum Bar! Sip on your drink while enjoying the nighttime surfing spectacle on our doorstep or get your boogie on. 

Go say hi to the Ida Boys and they’ll look after you!

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