Top Whale Watching Spots Near Coolangatta

When Coolangatta is mentioned in any conservation, the first thing that comes to people’s minds are the beaches with the best surfing conditions.

Some see it as an ideal destination for holidaymakers who prefer a quieter place compared to Surfers Paradise or Main Beach. But this southernmost Gold Coast suburb offers so much more. It’s also an ideal location for whale watching every year from May to November.

If you want to see thousands of migrating Humpback Whales this season, then go to any of these top whale watching spots near Coolangatta.

Point Danger

Right at the border of Queensland and New South Wales, Point Danger Lookout has excellent views toward the north and south which is why it is one of the best spots for whale watchers.

There are also some public binoculars that you can use for free to see the whales enjoying the warm waters of the Gold Coast.

But if you’d like to relax while whale watching, go to the upper floor of Café D’Bar and you’ll have an amazing ocean view while enjoying some nice drinks.

Fingal Head

Located just 5 kilometres south of the border is the Fingal Head, one of the top whale-watching spots near Coolangatta. The headland of this arrow-shaped island, separated from Tweed Heads by the Tweed River, has an awesome view of the whales migrating from Antarctica. You can also see the uninhabited Cook Island, which was discovered by the British explorer Captain James Cook in 1770.

After whale watching, you proceed to Dreamtime Beach, the third-best beach in Australia according to 101 Best Beaches. It is located south of the headland, while Fingal Head Beach at the north is the other destination of beachgoers.

Kirra Hill

Another one of the top whale-watching spots near Coolangatta is located just 1.8 kilometres north of Point Danger.

Kirra Hill offers a special view of the ocean, perfect to see the whales play and jump out of the waters. It also has a lovely outlook of the entire length of Kirra Beach and Bilinga Beach to the north, plus the Rainbow Bay headland to the south.

The actual lookout is a few steps away from Kirra Hill Community and Cultural Centre and right across the Blue C Coolangatta Hotel.

Aside from whale watching, you can also enjoy barbecuing and dining with the free facilities at Kirra Hill Lookout. The place is also one of the best spots in Gold Coast to view the sunrise and sunset. Afterward, you can take some pictures of the iconic sculpture of “Iron Eagle”.

Rainbow Bay Lookout

This favourite local spot, perched between Rainbow Bay and Greenmount Beach, is a nice place to watch the Humpback Whales this season. You’ll have unparalleled views of both points while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere.

Going to the Rainbow Bay Lookout will also give you a chance to see witness the spectacular surfs and swim the secluded beaches of the Gold Coast. Both the Rainbow Bay Beach and Greenmount Beach are the go-to destinations of families looking for a safer place to swim because of the lack of dangerous rips.

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