Top 5 Fishing Spots in Coolangatta

Are you off to Coolangatta for the weekend? It’s a great destination including beautiful, secluded beaches and some world-class surf breaks to give you a thrilling experience.

But if you would rather relax and enjoy fishing, then don’t worry.

There are great fishing spots in Coolangatta where you can go to catch a variety of fish.

All of these popular fishing spots are easily accessed if you are a guest at Hotel Komune on the Gold Coast.

Snapper Rocks

Although Snapper Rocks is famous for its large swells that attract professional surfers, it also offers a good site for anglers to catch some tuna, tailor, and bonito.

Move towards the sand jetty and flathead, whiting, and bream will surely bite on your bait. Just 800 metres away from Hotel Komune, Snapper Rocks is easily reachable even by foot.

Kirra Beach

North of Snapper Rocks is where you’ll find another one of the best fishing spots in Coolangatta. Kirra Beach has a reef that’s home to a massive amount of bait fish.

This means that you’ll have a good catch the entire year. You can catch fish like tailor and jewfish even with beach fishing.

Kirra Beach is also just a 5-minute drive from Hotel Komune. If you want a quieter fishing spot that’s not too far from the resort, then this is the place to be.

Coolangatta and Greenmount Beach

What’s the closest fishing spot near Hotel Komune? That’ll be Coolangatta Beach and Greenmount Beach at Rainbow Bay, which are 5 minutes and 7 minutes away from the hotel, respectively.

The two beaches cover about 800 metres of white sand, which has many gutters and fishing holes to fish some snappers, breams, and tailors. You can also fish off the rocks at Greenmount Hill and get a good haul in a day.

Aside from being the nearest fishing spots in Coolangatta from Hotel Komune, Greenmount and Coolangatta Beach are also the most ideal for family holidaymakers. The waves here are lower compared to the neighboring beaches and lifeguards roam the area from 8 am to 5 pm daily.

Tallebudgera Creek

Although not strictly within Coolangatta, Tallebudgera Creek is also one of the places you can visit while staying at Hotel Komune. Just a 25-minute drive from the hotel, the creek’s entire length offers plenty of fishing spots where you can cast your fishing rods. Tallebudgera Creek is also home to a great variety of bait fish.

Take your tinny to the mouth of the creek and you can catch some flatheads at, but for a larger haul, go towards the bridges for bigger fishes. Further upstream, you can comfortably cast your rod while sitting on a folding chair and before you know it, a big bream has bitten your bait. Other fishes you can catch at Tallebudgera Creek are mangrove jack, whiting, and luderick.

Tweed River

Walking 800 metres from Hotel Komune and crossing the QLD-NSW border, you’ll find another great fishing spot near Coolangatta: The Tweed River. Although you’ll need a fishing license if you are over 18 years old, the small fee is nothing compared to the variety of fish that you can catch.

There are jew, bream, tailor, and jacks along the North Wall. Queenies, flathead, trevally, and whiting are aplenty near the lagoon’s inlet. You can also catch some luderick and flatties at Jack Evans Boat Harbour. If you want to a seemingly endless supply of bream, head to the Kennedy Drive Boat Ramp.

Hotel Komune Accommodations

Coolangatta has a rich offering to fishing enthusiasts. Just make sure to follow all regulations when visiting these fishing spots. And to ensure that you’ll have an easier way of reaching these places, then book your accommodations at Hotel Komune.

Located at the heart of Coolangatta, our resort is perfectly positioned to access the different beaches and beach activities for your enjoyment.

Call us now on (07) 5536 6764 or book a room online and see the best fishing spots in Coolangatta.