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    Komune Bali offers a world first permanent night surfing installation right in front of the resort. You can enjoy the amazing spectacle of surfers battling the waves at night, or even book a night surf for yourself under powerful floodlights.

    Bookings ensure there are only 6 surfers sharing the waves each night, so you can enjoy the powerful right hand reef breaks off Keramas reef without the crowds. A world class break, Karamas provides some fantastic waves with deep tube rides just 50 metres offshore.

    The Night surf shows are on every night from 7pm to midnight, as well as 4am to 6am for those who like a truly early morning surf. Many nights we feature a night surfing display put on by one of the local Bali Boardriders clubs, which include some of the world's best surfers.

    After your days’ activities you can catch the show from the Komune Bali Beach Club, or watch from the comfort of your room as all the luxury beachside villas provide sweeping ocean views along with the spectacle of the night surfers.