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Day Spa, Hair & Beauty

Spa + Boutique

Spoil yourself at our Bali Day Spa!

Relax your muscles after a long day training or surfing at our 8-room day spa with wet and dry treatment rooms, plus a beauty and hair salon.

See our menu of spa treatments.

We offer a range of treatments including:

Traditional Balinese Massage

Lay your weary body down and let our talented therapists subdue any tensions, aches or stress. The traditional Balinese massage techniques of firm finger and palm pressure will lull you into a deep sense of well-being. Underneath it all you were always a comfortable, harmonious being, serenely floating down a river. You just got caught up in some rocks for a while. Allow us 60-90 minutes to untangle you with the fragrant oil of your choice.

4 Hands Massage

If two hands are better than one, imagine what can be accomplished with four!! In this sublime massage experience two therapists perform a choreographed dance of rhythmic strokes and pressure techniques to soothe your body and smooth your mood. The ultimate guilt-free indulgence. Two therapists working together in harmony to deliver you the most incredible massage experience. 

Thai Massage

Don’t let the title fool you! Thai massage is powerful! The rhythmic stretching and the pressing of acupressure points stimulate the healthy functioning of your qi (vital energy) that runs along the body’s meridians (energetic pathways.) You may not find inner peace during the massage itself, however your tranquillity is assured in the days to come.

Hydrating Facial

A relaxing moisturising facial, using specially formulated products containing Bio-Aloe Vera extract. Perfect for sun-lovers, this treatment will hydrate, re-balance the skin and enhance elasticity, turning back the time. Followed by a luxuriant neck and shoulder massage leaving you brand new.

Chocolate and Almond Scrub

Ground almonds combined with freshly harvested cacao beans are gently rubbed into the skin to exfoliate, polish and moisturise. The full-body Balinese massage is followed by the choc-almond scrub and then finally a lush milk and honey bath, where you will emerge feeling supple and smelling good enough to eat.

Deep Conditioning Hair Creme Bath

A delightfully decadent hair treatment that transforms dry sea-salted hair into silky and luscious locks. Tea-tree oil-infused hair crème is lavishly applied to strengthen your hair and stimulate your scalp. The head massage will lull you into never-never-land, but never fear you will awaken to the mane of your dreams.

Manicure or Pedicure

Transform those paws into dainty, elegant hands! Allow our skilled beauty therapists to moisturise, buff, shape and polish your nails with any and all of the colours of the rainbow or just clears. We can also do French Polish and flowers on your toes, just ask.

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