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Eco Friendly Resort

Relax your body and soul as you enjoy a green getaway at our eco friendly Bali beach resort. At Komune we recognise the responsibility we have to take care of this beautiful little peice of Bali. Our goal is to help protect this stretch of coastline and its waves, establishing a set of green development guidelines by setting a good example we can show others builiding in the Keramas area. Some of the eco accommodation initiatives we've introduced at Komune Bali are;

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Protecting The Beach

We've built in such a way on the beach to allow the ocean to do its thing. As such, we have not built any sea walls or barriers which cause beach erosion. We monitor conditions daily, remove loose items and allow waves to wash over our beach club which has been designed for this to happen.

This is very important to ensure the sand remains on Keramas Beach, and we actively encourage neighbours to do the same to avoid major sand loss like at Candi Dasa.

We also appreciate the importance of the river function to the Keramas waves and have been active in preventing others from blocking this river, removing their attempts to do so.  

We have a foreman beach and river clean up team operating daily to keep the beach and river clean.

Solar Power

We generate a large percentage of our power requirements from our solar farm on the various roofs of our resort.

Organic Gardens - From Garden To Plate

We've planted an organic garden and supply food to our resort from this, eliminating many food transport costs. We grow all our bananas, eggplant, chillies, passion fruit and beans, and supplement our kitchen with many other plants.

Waste Water And Our Green Gardens

We have a very strict policy of not allowing any wastewater from grease traps or sewerage plants to leave the site and enter the waterways.

To do this we have installed the best biosystems possible.

We don't rely on this 100 %, so all water leaving these plants is then pumped to concrete bunded water gardens that allow the water to evaporate through broad-leafed plants.

Any final water overflow is then used in garden irrigation.

We want to make these tertiary systems standard across new developments in Bali to put an end to the stinking canals pumping their toxic waste into the surf.

Our Landscaping

We've also tried to minimise hard landscape surfaces that pick up oil and add to polluted runoff in rivers. These surfaces deplete the water tables. In place, we have grown a lawn and used sand paths and lawn driveways so water can still infiltrate the ground and replenish groundwater.

Lighting Design

The majority of lighting in the resort is LED or compact fluorescent, requiring less power.


We also make our own eco bottled water with our own water plant. We do not use plastic water bottles anywhere in the resort, minimising all plastic waste.

All of our waste is recycled and processed by a certified waste processing plant.


We have a very strong engagement with the local village and regency whereby they share in the profit and success of the resort. Locals also make up 70% of our staff.

All the people in the Warungs are now trained staff members of the resort.

We have also facilitated several village businesses that work alongside our resort but are run by the village, such as our tour desk and the Keramas Village Transport Coop.

If you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday where you can be confident you're having a minimal impact on the beauty of the surrounding environment, Komune Bali is for you. Contact us about dates and other accommodation deals, or simply book your eco friendly holiday online today!

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